Judgement is the final boss of Hyper Light Drifter.

Its attacks are:

  • Dash (Deal 2 points of damage, dashes 2 times under 60% hp and 3 times under 40%. If the first dash hit Drift, he can't escape the following)
  • Bullet barrage (Deal 1 point of damage per bullet, Judgement aproaches the closest corner of the map and shot multiple waves of bullets, 2 waves from 100% hp to 41% and 3 waves under 40%. Judgment does this attack 4 times in a row (one time per map corner) and follows this attack with a laser)
  • Death laser (Deal ∞ points of damage, Judgement does this attack after every bullet barrage, normal movement of the lazer above 50% hp, fast movement under 50%. Judgement does this attack starting from the side of the map that is closest to Drift.)
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